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S2 EP 77: The Art of Prospecting Accredited Investors with John Bogdasarian

by REady2Scale - Real Estate Investing

Money Matters Top Tips with Adam Torres: John Bogdasarian President & CEO at Promanas, Oct

by Adam Torres and John Bogdasarian

Money Matters Top Tips with Adam Torres: John Bogdasarian President & CEO at Promanas, May

by Adam Torres and John Bogdasarian

WS91: How to Easily Raise Capital by Growing Your Investor Base in Real Estate Syndication with John Bogdasarian

by Whitney Sewell

JF1308: From Small Deals To Over One MILLION Square Feet Of Office Space with John Bogdasarian


1/2 Billion Dollars of Real Estate Investments with John Bogdasarian

John Bogdasarian started in residential real estate sales in 1996 before transitioning to investing. His company serves almost 400 investors and has been involved in half a billion dollars of real estate assets.

How to do the work once and get paid forever. (from Cash Flow Ninja)

The Real Estate Guys – Finding and Funding Deals That Make Sense

Success in real estate is all about making the right deals. And making the right deals is an art and a science. Of course, there are processes, vetting, checklists … and these are important. Properly vetting your deals can save you heaps of trouble. Listen in as we learn from wildly successful John Bogdasarian, president of the Promanas Group, share his unique strategy for finding (and funding) great deals.

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Finding and Funding Deals that Make Sense

How To Do the Work Once and Get Paid Forever

Listen to a segment John Bodgasarian—president of Promanas Group—recorded with M.C Laubscher on the popular Cashflow Ninja podcast.

Operation Freedom with Dave Janda

Listen to John Bogdasarian speak with Operation Freedom host, Dr. Dave Janda, about the current commercial real estate cycle.  Learn how to “do the work once, get paid forever.”


Passive Income is defined as earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which he or she is not materially involved.

  1. Let Uncle Sam work for you
  2. No tenants, no toilets, no trash
  3. No bank/loan
  4. Leverage real estate expertise of others
  5. Make money while you sleep